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Reducing the Risks of Anesthesia

Dog receiving physical and oral checkup before surgery
Dog having bloodwork done at Oakbrook Animal Hospital before surgery
Info on drug administration before pet sedation to improve safety and reduce pain
Vet placing catheter in dog for surgery

Anesthesia and Monitoring

state-of-the-art pet dental and surgery equipment at Oakbrook
General anesthesia machine at Oakbrook animal hospital
Dog during dental exam attached to ECG to monitor heart rate and breathing
Vet technician monitoring pet under anesthesia during oral surgery

The Procedure: Radiographs, Probing & Charting, Scaling & Polishing

Vet using intraoral radiographs during pet dental surgery exam
Diagram of dog teeth and information on pet periodontal disease
Vet using ultrasound scaler to remove pet plaque and tartar

Oral Surgery

Pet dentistry and oral surgery instruments
Info on local anesthetic nerve blocks and dissolvable stitches

The Results, Post-op, and At Home Care

Dog before and after teeth cleaning at Oakbrook
Dog oral surgery results before and after
Postoperative pet dental care procedure at Oakbrook
Dog toothbrushes and dental chews we offer to prevent dog tartar and gum disease at home
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Oakbrook Animal Hospital is proud to serve as a source for preventative care, medical treatment, and surgery that Johnson County and Gardner area pet owners have come to trust and rely on.

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