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We love to give back!

Here at Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we love providing excellent veterinary care for the pets in and around Gardner. We are just as passionate about giving back to the community we love so much. Your donations help make this possible!

How does my donation help?

A contribution from you, no matter the amount, will make a big difference in the life of a sick, injured or abused animal.

Donations to the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund® support the charitable work done by veterinarians on behalf of pets and their loving owners. You can donate to help support the work of your local veterinary practice, or you can donate to the AVMF Annual Fund to help support our activities, including animal welfare, education, research, and community service.

Read the stories below to see how your thoughtful donations help us give the pets in our area the care they deserve.

Our Success Stories

Mike and the Kittens:
Over the last couple years Good Samaritan Mike has brought us a few stray kittens to get vaccinated and spayed or neutered before he finds good homes for them. In November, Mike contacted us and saying he has 18 kittens! The pandemic has forced some of the trap-alter-release programs in our area to reduce capacity or shut down all together. As a result, the feral kitten population has increased and these babies were found in places like the parking lot of a landscaping company, the window well of a construction project, cold and vulnerable. Using Veterinary Care Charitable Funds, we’ve been able to help Mike get these kittens vaccinated so they are ready to go to their new homes.

Brooklyn and the “Golden Ticket”

On July 10th, Brooklyn’s family received news no family wants to hear. Their daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Brooklyn, who is 8 years old, will have to undergo treatment for the next 2 ½ years, the first 28 days of which include surgery and steroids. To keep her spirits up, Brooklyn’s parents promised her a “Golden Ticket” for completing the induction phase of her treatment. Brooklyn redeemed her Golden Ticket for a pair of kittens, Midnight and Molly, born the same day as Brooklyn’s diagnosis. Jennifer, Brooklyn’s mom told us “They have been the biggest blessing for our whole family during this time. They are so much fun and have brought so much joy into our lives. On days where life is tough – they have gotten us through. We are so glad we chose two so we could watch them play & grow together. We will get through this & come out stronger as a family.” When Jennifer reached out to us needing to get the kittens spayed, neutered, and declawed; we were happy to be able to cover the cost of the procedures using Veterinary Care Charitable Funds.

Alyssa & Echo

Echo was a loveable 5 year old mini aussie and had a giant personality for such a little dog. As soon as you sat down he was in your lap ready to cuddle and he had so much excitement for anything he did whether it was going for a walk or following me around the house. He was always attached to my side whenever possible and I don’t think I have ever had anyone love me as much as he did and the feeling was entirely mutual. I am so grateful to you all for helping out when I needed it.

Echo’s care was paid for by donations from our Veterinary Care Charitable Fund.

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